3’s a crowd + 1

•March 17, 2010 • Comments Off on 3’s a crowd + 1

When 2009 ended,  Ryan with his name brand, Kairos Photographie is barely a year into wedding industry. With the limited portfolio, he still managed to garner a few clients.

At the turn of the year, Ryan decided to go on the full steam and went in search for talents to join him. 2010 started quite well. Securing two clients before end of March for 2010 and more coming in. But it was on building a team of aspiring talents that got Ryan upbeat. One by one, Ryan secured their services.

Till date, we have one other photographer and two videographers on the team of Kairos Photographie together with Ryan. Each has their own strengths and skills set. But truly, with this great team of creative people, Ryan believes that this is just the beginning of great things to come. As such, exciting packages for your weddings awaits for you lovely couples out there.

Email us today at kairos.photographie@gmail.com or visit us at our website or Facebook Fanpage for more information and price quotation.

Lastly, on behalf of the team, Ryan would like to thank all couples – past or present, who had given him the support and trust. Kairos Photographie will be constantly improving and continue to serve and meet everyone’s needs to the best of their ability.


Congrats buddy!

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13 March 2010 was a significant day for a pair of couple & I was the best man for the first time and for my buddy. The day/night before was incredibly crazy. Going from places to places to get all the stuff intact for the big day. Nevertheless, I am very happy for Winston and Josephine. You two had come a long way. Cherish this very special moment and begin a new life journey and I promise, I will join you all soon. (thinking of which, I was holding the hand bouquet all the time because Jo, you kept forgetting to take and never throw for your jiemeis to catch. Tsk tsk. =D)

My prayer for the both of you
I pray, Lord Jesus, You bless Winston and Josephine in their wedding. May they walk according to Your purpose for them and guide them, show them Your ways. Lord Jesus, I pray that the Holy Spirit to be with them always, be their comforter, healer and friend, listening and obeying Your voice and word everyday of their lives. In bad or good times, Heavenly Father, I pray that you will be with them like you always do. Bless Josephine with a productive womb and the both of them to be in good health and finances. Never to live a day in lack and borne forth a chubby offspring and grow up to be an obedient child that loves Jesus like how Winston and Josephine loves the Lord. Once again, Father, I lift up the both of them into Your loving hands, bless them and shower them with Your love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Anyway, as a wedding photographer, I cannot resist to photograph the both of you. So here you go, my priceless pictures just for the both of you. Enjoy.

And one final time, congratulations to the both of you.

Session with the masters

•February 22, 2010 • Comments Off on Session with the masters

I had a great time yesterday at Raymond Phang‘s studio where Chris Lim of CoffeeStains Photography was holding his workshop on Wedding Photography. What an insight he gave to us (about 6 of us, aspiring wedding photographers) about the industry. From business aesthetics to shooting techniques, it was a day well spent. Also thanks to Raymond Phang for opening up his studio and brought us outdoors around his studio for our practical hands-on session. 1 day meeting two great masters of photography in their trade is just incredible.

Truly, I wanna thank Chris for taking his time out despite that yesterday was his special day. I can only say many many thanks as once is really not enough. Wishing you a great week ahead and have a smashing great time at the upcoming bridal fair. See you soon.

I shall end this post with a picture from the hands-on session.

Happy Lunar New Year

•February 16, 2010 • Comments Off on Happy Lunar New Year

Hi all of my blog readers. Thanks for your constant visits. I just wanna wish everyone a very happy Lunar New Year. May everyone be blessed and prosperous in the year of the Tiger (Chinese Zodiac).

Darren + Eileen

•February 4, 2010 • Comments Off on Darren + Eileen

This is a prelude to Darren & Eileen’s simple solemnization at MND Building yesterday. Met them around December last year and that’s the only time we met until yesterday. Nevertheless, weather was good (rather too good as it was hot…) and just want to thank the both of you for being so sporting as I ran out of ideas. Oh yes, and to Darren’s mum for following us around for the outdoor shoot and offered me the drink. Thanks a lot.

And I wanna take this chance to thank all couples I had photographed, friends and family members who had shown me support over this one year. It has been a great journey and experience. Without you guys, I am not where I can be today. So the news is that I will be turning full-time soon, no concrete date or time as yet but those who are browsing through my works & would like to discuss the possibility of hiring me, do engage/book me before I turned full-time to enjoy my current rates. Email me for more information and check out my Facebook page on the latest promotions.

Jasper + Doreen

•January 25, 2010 • Comments Off on Jasper + Doreen

I got to know the bridegroom way back in 2003 and coincidentally, we both were serving our NS in the same camp but different unit. We both attended the same church and same service slot. Wow. Time really flies. I have never seen him so suave before. His wife is equally gorgeous.

Have a blissful and happy marriage, my friend.

Kit + Betty

•January 18, 2010 • Comments Off on Kit + Betty

This was my last wedding shoot of 2009. It was one of my enjoyable shoot too. This incredible couple did three weddings in three different countries and Singapore, being their last leg or a whirlwind tour. I am so honored to be able to capture their big day here in Singapore. Apparently, they were tired from all the travelling but what a show it was.

Well, shall not speak any further. Some favorites of mine from that night.